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My Life My Adventure

I was born on Friday, June 5, 1992, i was born in Lampung, Indonesia. Indonesia is an archipelago country in south east Asia. I grew up in Lampung too. I and my family live in a small village named Donomulyo in Bumi Agung. I have 3 siblings, one sister and two brothers. By the time i was born my father was studying at university because he got scholarship from his institution. So, during my first three years i seldom met my father. When i was five years old my mother took me into kindergarten, but i just went to kindergarten for there month because nobody can accompany me to the school. I dropped out from there. Consequently i didn't graduate from kindergarten.
I go to elementary school at the following year. My elementary school is near from my house so it could be reached by foot. I studied at SDN 3 Donomulyo, my school has finite facilities and a small number of teachers. When i was in elementary school i participated in some competition such as mathematics olympiad, boy scouts, gymnastics et cetera. I graduated in 2004 with enough satisfactory results.
I continue my study at SMP 1 Sekampung. The distance between my house to my school is so far. Subsequently , i went to school by bicycle. The distance between my house to my school is eight km, so i make sixteen km round trip everyday. I go to school with my best friends everyday that makes my long journey not boring, sometimes we toke a rest while watching a beautiful scenery from the spread of green rice field alongside the road. We often brought food supplies to be eaten on the trip. Sometimes we also committed a naughty deed but it is just a little bit such as stealing fruits from agricultural fields we met on the way. At junior high school i still participated in competitions frequently.
So many new experience i got at this time. Scrapping, stealing, smoking cigarette and many other bad manners was carried out by a lot of teenagers at junior high school. They were influenced by their community that doing something forbidden by law is the way to be a cool guy. Fortunately, i did not commit those because i could filter the influence that come to me. I'm fortune enough because my faith had fortified me. I won mathematics olympiad at class VIII that make me became famous because it's the first time my school won such a big title. I receive one million scholarship from my achievement. I was so happy because it was my first earning. Since that i decide that my motto is "learn today, earn someday." Teenage is the most unstable phase of human life. Many teenage had made the choice to spend their leisure time with positive activities such as sport, art, learning et cetera. But, most is fall into uncontrolable desire to prove their existence, it aimed them to bad manners.
My adventure in the junior high school is short, at the first grade i got class seven one (7.1). There were forty people in my class and we were still in the same class till the grade because we were in a special class. But some of my friends was removed from the class even dropped out from school because of some foul they did. One of them was dropped out because she was pregnant before marriage. I was so sad because were so close each other, especially the boys. We often played playstation together and spent leisure time with studying at someone's home and even playing soccer. At the day of celebration at end of fasting month that also known as Lebaran day or idulfitri day we often visited our teacher's house together to apologize and et cetera. After graduated, although we had been separated at the different school we still communicated each other and sometimes made a gathering just to memorize our junior high school phase and firm our friendship.
After graduated, i continued my study to senior high school. I was accepted at SMA Negeri 1 Metro. One of the best senior high school in Lampung that time. I was so happy because i was accepted without any test or examination but i was accepted directly because i won one of science olympiad that is mathematics. It's the first time i live without my parents because lived at boarding house. The school is so far from my home, and it's quite impossible to go to school everyday from my home. I a big transition in my life, because i had to manage everything my self. Many teenagers became uncontrolable and naughty when they were in boarding house because there were no people who took care of them.
At the first time i entered the school i should serve school orientation school for a week. after the school orientation period finished school I went into my new classroom and meet new classmates. We were getting close each other quickly, may be because we had many similarities. We were still together in the same class until we graduated because we were special class. In the first year i studied hard, i even did not take any extracurricular activities given by the school. I just wanted to focus to my lessons. A a result i gained very satisfactory results at the examination. I also participated in science olympiad but i was lucky this time, i did not gained any title.
I went up to grade eleven, and i chose natural science because i was interested in physics. I enter class XI IPA 1 also known as Sansevieria. We were more solid now, because we had been together for a year. The evidence were we won volleyball competition, and became the third champion in basketball competition. In the second grade of senior high school i was more relax, i did not study too hard anymore and i was starting to take some extracurricular activities such as soccer and basketball. This period was the most enjoyable period during in the senior high school.
This is the real battle! Yeah, Finally i entered the last grade of senior high school. It was so boring, i had to study from the first until the last grade again. No time for leisure, we should study hard if we wanted to graduate. After nine months study hard, finally the battle was started. That was one of the most stressful week in my life. And after awaiting for a month finally i graduated. After that, i continue my study to STAN.
Sometime, i will be happy to tell you about STAN, my college now.
Name            : Yudo Prayogi Irsad
Class/ Specialization    : 1-P/ Akuntansi
Attendance Number    : 38

Salam Sansevieria
world of Sansevieria
Sansevieria Jaya
Sansevieria, Salam satu Jiwa


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